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The attorneys of Wishart Law have handled thousands of legal cases and can answer any question you may have. Here are some of the most common legal questions we’ve received.


  • What is Common Law Marriage?

    Common law marriage is not recognized in California. There is no community property or spousal support for parties that have lived together and were never married. Learn more

    What does Legal Separation mean?

    This is not a trial separation period. Unlike divorce, it requires consent of both parties. If there is a lack of consent, then the other party may seek a divorce. Learn more

    Who pays Spousal Support?

    Spousal Support is not the same for every case and will vary depending on determining factors. Learn more

  • What is a Request for Order?

    If you are filing for relief or assistance from the Court prior to the time of trial or after a judgment, you are filing a “Request For Order” a.k.a. “RFO” in which you are requesting the Court to make orders regarding a specific issue. Learn more

    What are Ex Parte Requests?

    Ex parte requests are used for emergency situations. Generally speaking you must file your RFO and wait in line about a month or two for a hearing. Learn more

    How Does Division of Property Work?

    The division of property in the matter of divorce has various subsets in the state of California. Learn more

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